Character power point

Here are two ideas for characters i want to use in the RPG game I have started working on. I havent coloured them because when I did they looked rushed and tacky so i am going to try to find a way to colour them that makes them look better and not worse.

power point


Story boards

I have been looking at storey board and how they help the creation process of a piece of work, so for example games, films and tv shows.



I have been looking at different logos for design companies from all forms of media, thes include film, tv, games and print. here is a short document on what i thought.

Craft and media 2

Space invaders score

This is proof of 25’000 on space invaders
space invaders score

Pac man score

This shows me scoring over 10’000 on pac man

pac man score

Game concept

In the new semester i have been asked to come up with a games concept for an RPG based game. this is my first proposal and it has recently been approved for me to start work.

Game Concept

Level design (group task)

We were in groups and given a task of designing a level, so we had to do rough sketches, the a detailed view then finally a model of the level. The way we did the task was to assign each member a task, the task I got was to comme up with character design. As well as doing thi I also managed to do some rough drawings of what I thought a map could look like as well as some concept art for the map, unfortunatly I was not able to load them up on here but i do how ever have the character designs I came up with.






The reason I did 4 was because we decided to make the characters have classes, so there is a ranged, close combat, medic and an assassin class, each one is unique and has their own abilities, so I though they all had to look different or atleast have differnt features that stand out.

Casual vs Hard core gamers

I have been talking about different gamers and gaming styles and how they differ, I was told about what some games try to achieve, some are meant to be casual games and others are meant to be Hard core, in this document i talk about what we discussed.

Casual vs

Flash slide show

I have recently started a presentation in Flash cs5 and the minimum requirements it had to have were 10 images, working buttons and working sound file. I decided to do the presentation on the top ten x-men villains of all time. The idea came to me when I was browsing the internet. The audio I decided to use was the theme song from the original cartoon series, this to me brought back memories and is a recognisable song, I felt it would do the same for others.


This is one of the sildes, as you can see the buttons are at the bottom, there is an image of the character as well as their name and number position, then at the top is the audio button. When it cam to the buttons I initially had some trouble but after working out the first few the rest were ok. The sound import was a lot of trouble and even after i had all the code right it still didnt play properly, however when i came to test it one last time I played the slide show through and the sounds button was working so I could stop and start the audio when ever I liked. Overall I feel this was a success and if I had to do another I would feel confident doing it.

Casual Game Concept

I have been working on a concept for a casual game, this required me to come up with the character, the story and what the game is going to be like. I have produced a character sheet with all the information about him, I did a game concept sheet which included the original proposal and finally i created a working section of the game.

The idea I had been to make a side scroller which required the player to fly through an environment without dying. My original idea was to add in enemies that fire upon the player as well as allowing the player to return fire. These ideas how ever were more difficult than first anticipated, I am relatively new to flash as well as coding and I didn’t anticipate the amount of time I would spend trying to get the smallest detail to work. The character in the game has the ability to move in all directions whilst having the appearance of flying. I did manage to get him to walk and jump but i felt this was unnecessary for my game.


This is a screen shot of it as a whole, I feel I have kept it as basic as possible, this is mainly because I didn’t want to bite of more than I could chew and secondly I didn’t want to start trying to add extra bits in and find my self out of time with something that is unfinished.

One of the major factors I can take away from this is the fact I now have some code which will allow me to go away and have another try, I will also be able to build on what I have done and make games that are a lot more detailed.